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19 May 2000 - 14 June 2000

Looking up through the trees in Pirates Bay, at least three species of epiphites are visible.

Liz looks up where the previous shots were taken.


Looking Southwest from Pirates beach across Man 'o War Bay.



Liz Laura Edna and Nick went to buy veggies. On their way, they played with a camera, see them play. On their way they met Janet and John, Janet and John were also looking for veggies, Janet said to John "Baaaaaaa" she said this because she was a goat. See those little round things on the ground, they are not veggies because they fell out of the goat.


Liz catches her very own tuna. Note the smile.


Meanwhile Dad catches fish and allows Jack to do the Rex Hunt thing, Kiss goodbye, except Jack had other ideas and had fish for dinner.