A word of warning to anyone cruising with a pet on board at or near Cayman, the Agricultural officer, (Although she should have been called the Lacking-cultural officer) had given us an hour to choose one of three options regarding having Jack (the dog) on board.

One export to the USA via air,

Two, set sail into the storm (which was why we were there in the first place)

Three, destroy the dog.

Well as you can imagine we were quite upset over this and I spoke to her boss, and explained the situation, the sea state, and the fact that we were not trying to import the animal. We were in fact taking refuge from a storm, and were perfecly happy to anchor out in the shelter of the bay, but it was they, who insisted that we come alongside to clear immigration. Thats when they saw Jack.

He relented with a sigh and instructed his behemoth inspector to write us an official letter of agreement stating that we had seven days to get out of there. This letter is still in my posession and will form a prize exhibit on the web page once scanned.

Another point to remember is that the agricultural people also come onboard your vessel and spray insecticide to kill any bugs. They use the same product that you can buy on local supermarket shelves, but charge you $25.00 for the service. The cruising guide states and I quote "no restrictions are placed upon animals"