Marea Del Portillo (Cuba)

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23 January 2001 - 05 February 2001

Josefina y Wilfredo, our friends in Marea. We were privileged to meet these fine people.

Josefina holds up a decent size barracuda.

Josefina in her (Govt. owned) fishing boat. The fishing is good here, but was always better in the old days.

Josefina's kitchen is a lean to, a stone slab at waist height is used to build a fire. We had the most delicious coffee, brewed and strained through a sock, suspended on a wooden stand.Although 'rustic' her home was very clean.

A better view of the back of her house, the hose brought water from the public tap 5 houses away.

Another general view of a house in the village. As I said they have nothing, but will happily share it with those who would venture to meet these wonderful people.

Everyone had a yardfull of poultry, the lack of cats was self explanatory.

The diarrhoea medicine we gave them, was quicky dispensed 
amongst the village pigs who were very thin and gaunt.