Terceira 2 (Azores)

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25 July 2002 - 14 August 2002

We heard that the annual Festa in a village called Praia da Vitoria was soon to be held, so we left Angra and headed for the fun. We found a beautiful protected marina right at the beach. Huge tents had been erected and four open air music venues were estalished. 130 restaurants, and clowns performing in the streets sounded like fun. While we waited for the fun to start we went to a Torneo a Cordo. This is a Terceiran version of the running of the bulls. 8-10 men hang on to a rope tied around the bull's neck and he is given enough to get at the crowds who taunt him. Sometimes the bull comes of better than the men. Lots of wine is drunk and the bravado increases. Lots of fun to watch.


In all four bulls are released, heralded by fireworks to warn that the bull is on the loose, and old men are best off back in the bar to lean from the windows and watch.


Liz and her new friends, children of American families stationed at the US Airbase at Lajes, went to the childrens bullfight. The bulls are not harmed here and the mounted bullfighters are all of 12 years old.

We were positioned directly under the approach to the main runway at Lajes. Here a 747 arrives. We also saw numerous other aircraft, F16, Tornado, Harrier, Mirage, C130, C160, KC135, KC10, AC130 (Spectre gunship), VC10, Nimrod, Orion, Puma, 737, 747, 757, 767 and numerous others screaming overhead at one time or another. It was very exciting for this little boy!




On the beach was this trampoline on a bungie machine, well Liz befriended the operators, and we all had to have a go, Liz became a real expert at it, Dad only managed a triple forward and backwards, Liz did a quad back. It was fun but exhausting.


The beach and the marina with the international culinary tents beyond. For more please click the button "More again" below, and see a panorama of Praia, and the night time pictures.