Recife Pernumbuco

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04 July 1999 - 25 September 1999

Our Arrival at Recife

"so we took a picture just to show the incredible contrast in colours between the green sea and the black sky. As we arrived at the outer breakwater the squall hit us the visibility dropped to about 10 metres." Its amazing how the squall line is so well defined, one moment wind and a few drops of rain, then you go through into that black wall and youre submerged in very little visibility.

Start of a Sunday Regatta at Pernumbuco Iate Clube

Note the Aerogen now reduced to three blades, remarkably still put in some 50 A/h (24v) per day at anchor.

We went for a meal at a restaurant that specialises in "Carne du Sol" Meat is salted and sun-dried for long term storage. It is re-constituted in milk before cooking normally. The Gentleman on the left is A Radio Amateur friend "Perez" to his friends (PY7CPC) who was an astonishingly interesting host. A Professor in the faculty of medicine of the university, having specialised in Cardiovascular. What a gentleman. Our very deepest thanks and best 73's to you Perez, for a wonderful day spent with you.

Typical carving on a wooden door in Olinda.

They must have had a special offer on tiles as well,

A Street-walker in Olinda (KIDDING!!) Laura waits for the cameraman.Take one of MEEE Dad

School in Olinda

Typical Portuguese influence in the architecture