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27 October 1999 - 20 November 1999

As the pictures below show, we were drifting along under Spinnaker, doing about 5 kts through the water but 9.1 over ground. We had found the Guyana current.


hard work this cruising!

Liz caught this little shark, of course we put it back.

The winds were so light that we sailed a few days and nights with the Spinnaker up.

Big!  But what was it? It stayed with us for about an hour, we pulled in a metre, it took back a metre, eventually it just straightened out the hook, and left the scene.

We went to the European space centre in Kourou. Here Launch 123 waits to lift off, and Liz poses in front of an Ariane 5 Rocket.

On the left is a turbopump from an Ariane 4. Right, we went 30 miles up into the jungle on the Kourou River.