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31 August 2000 - 13 September 2000

Blanquilla has long beaches surrounding parts of the island. Since Blanquilla is a desert there are many cacti and thorned plants. On the Southwestern side of the island in the bushes is a well with fresh water. The water is not drinkable but was used to wash laundry and Jack. Ben, Tris, Lee-Ann and I built a hut out of palm leaves and called it "Palm Cottage". The water is crystal clear and an Angel Fish swimming 15 meters below is easy to see. The wild donkeys come out of the bushes at night to enjoy a peaceful night under the stars.




While Steadfast were snapping away, we landed this monster Dorado, hmmmmmm yummy.

Scenes around the Playa Yaque beach in Blanquilla, in the background, Yachts (L-R) Steadfast (UK) Island Fling (SA) Southern Terrier (SA) Itzel (FR) Nuage (FR) Gilana (SA) K'Lai (SA) Gisele (UK) La Corsair (USA)