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09 October 2000 - 22 October 2000

At the break of dawn, the busiest little birds around are the swallows. Flying back and forth collecting food for their young. The adult Boobies, however perch on a comfy branch and watch the sun rise. looking around at the mangrove scenery, white blotches come into view. Curiosity burns inside you, finally you can 't stand it any longer and you have to investigate. As you edge nearer the blurry blotches turn into fluffy balls. When you are about five meters away, a little head pops out and then another. Two baby boobies is what you have before you. We also dived on the outside reef wall, there were Queen Triggerfish everywhere.

One long island with one long beach and one tall palm tree. Two dolphins glide swiftly through the water. Whether they came here to mate or calf, either way they were playful. Goggles and all, we were in the water diving down to ten feet, turning summersaults in the water, the dolphins do the same. One swam under some fan coral so it tickled its tummy. We spent a day out on the reef and snorkeled in the "Blue Pool".





Liz and our friends Norm and Ellie off the Canadian boat "Walkabout" get right up close to the Red Footed Booby chicks. These waters are so deserted and so few people venture close to the islands that the birds have no reason to fear Man. We felt honoured to be here amongst them.



On the windward side of the island, volcanic and coral rocks have been tossed into piles by wave action. Some are light some heavy, but all are the strangest shapes.

Island Fling, with Des, Carole and Lee-Ann. Probably the last time we will see them. Who knows? Sail safe guys. We bumped into them again after diverging paths in Tortuga.

Phew its hot out there.


We caught this lobster and had him for supper with our new friends Gabor and Andrea on "Midnight Stroller".

Gabor (left)and Bob from "Inkwazi"

Andrea and Mike get down to electrics.