27 November we left Cayman en route to Cuba, planning to arrive at Cayo Largo, Cuba's premier tourist destination, only, the wind did not play along. The forcast on the 24 wind/seas from the USCG, predicted 15 Kts from 080 degrees, Cayo Largo lay at 006 deg, which would have given us an easy beat all the way on one tack. Soon after we sailed, the wind went around to 040 degrees and increased to 20 knots. We had no option but to veer off and head down (left) to Isla de la Juventud. We arrived there on 28 November and anchored in a little bay called Carapachibey, took the dinghy and asked the lighthouse keeper if it was in order to anchor there for one night. He said that he was required to phone his superior and report our presence, but that the telephone was broken, so we stayed for the night. 

On the morning of the 29 November we sailed to Cayo Matias, some 20 miles to the east and still 60 odd to go to Cayo Largo. We anchored in Cayo Matias and were held indoors by high winds, spray making its way all along the deck and wetting the dodger while at anchor in two metres of water! Cabin fever set in, we had exhausted our repertoire of games, and passtimes, books became boring and school was a drag. I serviced the generator, and carried out some maintenance work indoors.