Cayo Rosario

21° 36 N 081° 56 W

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10 December 2000 - 15 December 2000

I was in my usual seat shouting depths while dad stood on the pulpit guiding us through reefs and mom drove the boat. I heard the engine cluck into neutral and the familiar rattle of the anchor chain flowing into the water. When I got upstairs and took a look at the surroundings, I saw that we were anchored in a sandy patch surrounded by turtle grass and coral reef. I jumped into the water with an almighty splash and found myself surrounded by fish. I swam a little until I got to one of the many reefs. The first fish I saw was a Peacock Flounder. Mom found 2 Sea Biscuits and 4 Kings Helmets around the reef. When we got back to the boat we watched the sun set with an ice cold Rum punch in our hands.

For a change, not a sunset, but a moonrise over Cayo Rosario


The Wildlife is very tame here too, few humans.

Looking north, these thunderheads appearing over
"Mainland Cuba" glow like lightbulbs at sunset.

Our last view of Cayo Rosario, we left early next
morning for Cayo Largo.

Liz Fishing again, lets Jack gnaw at remnants of a large snapper.