Landrail Point (Bahamas)

22° 48 N 074° 20 W

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23 February 2001 - 26 February 2001

Crooked Island:

The turquoise water shimmering in the sunlight lapping on the beige coloured beach with little pink, green and yellow houses against a pale blue canvas is my memory of Landrail Point, Crooked Island.

A constant sound of imaginary music fills the air. Even the monster Sting Ray lying on the soft sand is relaxed as passing Trunkfish dart around it. The only aquatic animal doing any work is the multicoloured Octopus, constantly collecting odds and ends for its lair. The oceans magpie as I call it. Some small fish make a home in the shells of dead Conch. Even an Eel wearing a black coat with yellow spots sleeps soundly in the shell of a Sand Dollar, weaving in and out of the many entrances of its home like a lady weaving a tapestry.