Little San Salvador (Bahamas)

24° 34 N 075° 57 W

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15 March 2001 - 18 March 2001

A long beach on one side of the island. Little paths lead you off into the bushes that twist and turn and turn and twist. You can walk several miles along these paths and yet only get a few meters closer to your destination.

My dad had his birthday here, so we decided to walk along the volcanic rock to the other side of the island. We walked for about 2 hours and reached a beach with palm trees and shelter from the wind. We left gran and Jack while we carried on walking. We stopped at a beach where we found a fishing float. Chris thought the float was a volleyball , and before we could stop her she kicked at it. The ball moved about a metre and all around the point of impact were a lot of left only deep footprints.

The dark patches that we thought were reefs were actually beds of turtle grass. Among the turtle grass, Nassau Grouper are plentiful. During a storm, a boat was demasted and now the mast, sails, stays, nav lights, ropes and dodger lie buried beneath the sand. The only parts visible are a few strands of rope and stainless steel stay wires.


My dad is 41 today, or is it 42
His hair was black, then grey then some,
but soon there will be none.

His eyes are blue,
He is so true.

Life is a hill,
You grow and grow and grow no more,
Then shrink and shrink and shrink some more.

Since we've been sailing,
His hair has been a fraying,
Until there's nothing left ontop.

When he is walking far away,
The solo buttock on its way.

You stop and think,
Till you think to a stop,
Did he once have a mop?

Well if he did, he doesn't now
I think I've said enough for now,

Except to say, have a great day,
It's your Birthday today.