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31 March 2001 - 12 March 2002

The Chameleons are big here, but you should see the flies! (kidding its a green Iguana) The pictures on this page are devoted to Liz and her friends, most of whom appear to be animals.


If they're cute or cuddly Liz will be there.

Sweetie, the Sugar-glider. Liz baby-sits Sweetie for Chris whenever possible. (A Marsupial flying squirrel)

Liz and Jack chilling-out on the cockpit cushions. They were designed to be floating toys as well.

Like brother and sister.        Spiney Lobster


Spanish hogfish        Juvenile Barracuda.


Porkfish        Juvenile Queen Angelfish.

Liz with Lee-Ann from "Island Fling".

Liz did voluntary work at a thrift store
    (for those who dont know what that is,
    it is a place where donated stuff
     is sold very cheaply in aid of a charity.)
    This is her friend "Cookie" who runs the place.


Liz also worked on Fridays helping Barbara, "The Cookie Lady" create some of these arrangements, and clean up.