Bahamas 2002

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15 March 2002 - 14 May 2002

We spent a few hours at Thunderball Grotto.

We left West Palm Beach with our two friends Kim and Darlene. We invited them along to experience some overnight sailing. The 380 odd miles would ensure that. We sailed to Staniel's Cay, and anchored there for a few hours to dive in the grotto as promised to Liz. We left soon afterwards and did an overnighter to Georgetown. The idea was to give Kim and Darlene ample opportunity to meet lots of cruising folk. There is no better place than Georgetown in the Exumas, during the annual Georgetown Cruising Regatta. Here then is Georgetown 2002.....

On our way to Georgetown the sea was calm. When we are motoring or motorsailing, we like to have some fun. This can be a spot of fishing, or pole-hanging, or even snorkeling with the plano-sub, behind Gilana. In this case Skiing was the order of the day, here we get ready, and the following shots tell the rest of the story. Luckily we are able to easily launch and retrieve the dingy while underway



Here Liz has a go, she loves all watersports, and seems to be good at most of them, (But then I am a bit biased)


Darlene and Kim have a go, first time ever, and they both had it down pat! They are both naturals.



Ahhh, the colour of the water!

Georgetown in the distance as viewed from monument hill, Stocking Island. While we were there, I had a turn to run "The Georgetown VHF Cruisers Net" in the mornings for a week. Especially for those of you who were there with us, click here to hear some recordings made by Tony Araujo from "Bretanha"   



Children's day at Volleyball Beach. Lots of activities including, "Quarter Hunt","Water balloon volleyball","Sackrace" "Pudding-eating" etc. All good, clean, healthy fun. Just the sort of thing to bring up happy child.

Warm sea, hot sun, turquoise water, white can you get sick of this?


Barberday, and look! Bilbo Baggins came to visit!

The kids, relaxing after a hectic day of fun.

The exuma sound.