Portimao Portugal

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10 September - 27 September 2002

On our approach to Portimao, actually quite near Cape St Vincent, we spotted this. For my old navy buddies, yep, thats right!

Jack sometimes gets up in the early morning, like here, and goes on watch. He is actually looking for fish, but whines and moans when he becomes aware of any change. Weather, land smells, cooking smells from other vessels, even whalebreath or dolphin whistles too high in pitch for us to hear will set him off, then he looks below and calls us.



We had a lot of fun in Portimao, Windsurfing was one of the activities. Liz made some friends with some French and British kids and made forts on the beach, climbed , swam and got some sun.

A view over the anchorage in Portimao.


The old fort, now a private residence, and the old fishing harbour.