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9 June 2003 to 28 May 2004

Ok so you might have noticed that we love photos of sunsets. Well you sunset lovers are not going to be disappointed. Here we are at anchor in Es Trenc, an almost Bahamian anchorage. Turquoise water lapping on white sandy beaches, bushy dunes absolutely wonderful. The windsurfing was great, not even the nudists could detract from this idyllic anchorage.

Another sunset Es Trenc


Yup, another sunset, Es Trenc.


Jack and dad at pee-pee time (just before sunset)    While walking in the forest we discovered that we should wear shoes.

Liz and Jack had a great time exploring the ruins of this old watchtower in Illetes

Illetes anchorage as viewed from the ruins

Portrait posed pooch (Photo Nick)


A cruising family goes for an outing. (Son Matias)


We have a friend who is the captain of a motorboat. At Son Matias he came alongside and gave us 1200 litres of water saving us a trip to the dock. Thanks Paul (On flybridge) Eric and Emma (just out of pic).

Here Gilana goes to weather in 30 kts (if you dont believe me, zoom into the windspeed meter on the right or look at the Genoa sheets) 3 reefs in the main'sl and the storm jib up. Most of us were enjoying it, Dad, Mike, Baldy and I loved it Laura and Liz not really.



Four views of Portals Vells (Pronounced "bays") Interesting history. This bay is famous for its huge cave. It is called the "Cave of the Mother of God" In the 13th and 14th Century large stone blocks were quarried here and used in the construction of Palma's famous Cathedral. Inside the cave there are two niches carved into the rock. These are decorated with Heraldic, and religious reliefs. Many legends exist about the caves use over the centuries. Smugglers, pirates, shepherds and fishermen are all said to have used it. Today it is mainly pot smokers that you will find here.

Good old Jack photographed in the cave at Portals Vells.