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6 - 8 August

This was probably one of the nicest places we visited in Greece. It was made special by some wonderful people. We came here to buy diesel, and we were happy to see a fuel station right near the dock. A young chap called out to us as we backed in, that the water depth was 3 metres, this was the first of many times Dimitri helped us, he turned out to be an energetic and enterprising young man. Here Gilana lies at the dock amongst the other boats.

Another picture of us at the dock of Ormos St Nikolou.

The family ploughed all their savings into constructing this service station. It was a huge risk and all the villagers thought that they were crazy to do it. Now that it is going well, the others seem to be jealous.

Here, arguably, is the hardest working family in Greece. IF you get to visit Zakinthos, please say hello to these folk, they are wonderful. l-r Spyros, Katerina, Toula and Dimitri Theodosis. They also own the taverna next door to the service station, it is called Taverna "PORTO" Their email address is

Every day hundreds of boats visit the famous blue caves, said to rival the blue grotto in Naples, we cannot judge.

Always an opportunity to get into the water, here Liz snorkels in a cave.

Caves, Caves and more caves...Quite spectacular though.

Here Laura and I have a complimentary chilled coffee in the Taverna.

We shared an inexpensive and delicious meal with Greg and Jo-Anne Revell from the boat "Hawkeye" moored next to us. Greg took the picture he is the missing one, Hey guys...:)

Katerina took time off from her busy day (06h00 to 01h00 daily) to take Laura and Liz on a sightseeing trip in her own car. Her friend Tina joined them. The following pictures and sights left us speechless, so there are no annotations sufficient for what follows.....

Amazing don't you think?

After centuries of invasions, and occupations, it looks like the Monks of this Monastary decided to take defence seriously.

When we left for Cephalonia we had a stiff breeze, and snapped this boat on an opposite tack (zoom x 30)