Straits of Messina

38° 14.04 N   015° 36.51 E

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19 August

Big Brother, no just some folk doing their job monitoring (and photographing) all marine traffic.

We had heard about these incredible Swordfish fishing boats. There are four spotters up on top of the mast, who drive the boat and sneak up on Swordfish. These fish sleep during the day and the boat is able to silently approach with a harpoonist poised at the end of the impossibly long bowsprit, he launches a harpoon into the sleeping fish. The fish is then pulled in over the side of the boat and is soon on a stone slab in the market.

Jack and myself on watch.

This dog really enjoys sailing. Jack in one of his favourite places.

Some pictures to show how busy the narrow straits are.

Sometimes called "overfalls" these areas of turbulence indicate contrary or confused currents.

If you can believe it, they are building a bridge from the mainland Italy to Sicily. The scale is enormous. This tower is one of two main suspension towers.

On purpose, or by mistake, it looks all wrong.

Not many people are in favour of the bridge. With entire communities earning their living with boats transporting 'whatever' across, there must be a lot of vested interests.