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18 to 20 December 2005

After an overnight sail to Tenerife, we hired a car to try to find a suitable place to moor or anchor that would be close to the diveschool. This is the mooring section of Los Christianos harbour. We found the southern coast to be extremely tourist orientated, with very few Spanish speaking people in evidence.

Liz and I walking around trying to find a spot. Unfortunately there was just no space to put our boat, so we returned the car to the hire shop, and decided that Las Palmas was a nicer, cleaner, and generally a better place to spend Christmas and New Year, not to mention MUCH better to prepare the boat for the Atlantic crossing.

Liz was very disappointed, but she realised that it was a question of priorities, and when you are cruising, the boat comes first.

Ok I took this photo to prove to myself that I was not dreaming......Here we are returning to Gran Canaria, this was not just a freak blow to 9.4 knots, we actually stayed above 9 for an hour and a half!! above 8 for 3 hours and made the 55 mile trip from Santa Cruz to Las Palmas in 7 hours 15 minutes.