North Atlantic Crossing

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12 January 2006 to 02 February 2006

In all we had a great crossing to the Caribbean. This photo was taken on the evening of our departure. We left Las Palmas at 17h00Z on the 12 January. We went around the North of the island for favourable winds, but found very little.

The next morning, we could still see the peak of the snow capped mountain on Tenerife through the clouds.

Laura and Liz snoozing in the most comfortable bunk on board.

We compact all our non bio-degradable garbage into plastic capped bottles so as to avoid bad smells. It is amazing how many bags etc, can be pushed into a bottle.

Liz on watch on the first day of her 18th year, Her 17th Birthday. Note how we are still wearing clothes "ugh" Photo taken with her new submersible digital camera, a present for this birthday.

One of the joys of an ocean crossing is the fishing.

Jack, always present when there's fresh fish coming on board, is in his normal position, as close to the action as possible.

Nearly on board...the Dorado (AKA Dolphinfish, Mahi Mahi, or Llampuga) is a strong fighter.

We euthenase all our fish with an alchohol spray directly to the gills. This improves the taste and is a less bloody and 'kinder' way of despatching the poor animal than bludgeoning it with a blunt object. We clean our fish in the dinghy to reduce the mess and make it easier to clean.

Jack looking for Flyingfish

Poo Patrol with Jack on a faster and rainy day.

...Then its calm again for a day....

...Before blowing up to a storm, in this one we ripped our mainsail...

...right here....

...and had to be hand stitched...

...because we like to re-use the same holes so we don't weaken the fabric.

Then its calm again.

We flew the bag on the last 2 days.

This is the actual course sailed, the changes are to adjust comfort and find the best wind on the day, as well as to cross a cold front. The table below contains all the 17h00Z positions and day-runs. The total distance covered was 2824 NM, and if we could pull that line straight we would have arrived two days earlier :)

Daily position reports tabulated from the Winlink system.
12 Jan28-12.14N 015-34.59W5.708 SELeft @ 17h00 going round N of GC to STMartin
13 Jan27-28.11N 017-07.71W5.01255 NEMotoring in 5 kts wind. Squalls don't help much.
14 Jan26-07.15N 019-08.35W6.012712 ENENice breeze, rolly cross swell. All well on board.
15 Jan25-11.85N 022-05.51W6.014015 ENEAll well, Liz's 17th Birthday tomorrow.
16 Jan24-10.56N 024-52.55W7.016330 ENEBit of a gale, Liz's 17th Birthday
17 Jan23-29.65N 027-22.18W7.516225 ENESeas still huge, better than yesterday
18 Jan22-46.36N 030-00.00W7.015018 ENE33.3% done 897 miles out of 2698
19 Jan22-08.32N 032-09.31W5.612809 ENEAll well. Motoring, not enough wind
20 Jan21-37.30N 033-44.65W4.610210 NELight NE wonderful wx. Sailing Nekkid :)
21 Jan21-02.42N 035-59.60W5.612718 NEWelded a broken bracket on generator.
22 Jan20-39.89N 038-32.60W7.314420 NNEHALFWAY!
23 Jan20-24.48N 041-17.34W7.415320 ENENice day. Poled Genny, Staysl, 1reefmain
24 Jan20-01.29N 044-17.27W7.316020 ENENice day. caught a Dorado.
25 Jan19-48.43N 046-16.49W6.012818 ESENo wind in morning Better now.
26 Jan19-36.08N 048-32.09W4.913414 EExpecting ligter condx tomorrow. Spinnaker?
27 Jan19-02.15N 050-42.72W5.712514 SEBetter wind than expected,maybe lose breeze soon.
28 Jan18-54.17N 052-34.05W3.610308 NWBlew out mainsail while crossing C.Front
29 Jan18-24.11N 054-44.23W7.613915 NWHad a storm, better now.
30 Jan18-07.60N 057-32.74W7.315920 ETwo more days by our calculations.
31 Jan18-11.87N 060-06.63W3.514511 EBut then the wind died, now we need 1 more day
01 Feb18-12.65N 062-14.21W8.411417 EFlying under Spinnaker in gentle rain,flat seas,spooky
02 Feb18-04.27N 063-05.61W09617 EAnch.St. Martin. 2824 miles from Las Palmas. 20 days