St Vincent and the Grenadines


13° 00.21 N   061° 14.72 W

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3 June

We arrived in the anchorage in Bequia at 03h20 and it was dark. The anchor lights on the mast tops are not very helpful in seeing the other boats. We had to clear in but did not want to spend any time here as our protest against the Whaling that still takes place on Bequia. Just as well, too, because we found that Jack was not allowed ashore. We left at 12h20 after a quick snooze and clearing Customs and Immigration.

The Tobago Cays

12° 37.94 N   061° 21.40 W

3 - 27 June

We arrived in the Tobago Cays, at 16h45 and our first welcome was from Walter, "Any-ting you need?" It was six years almost to the day that we were last anchored here. It is still in my opinion one of the best diving spots in the world. It was also a time to remember my father as it was here that I got the news that he had died in 2000. always the first order of business...

Jack and "dad" keep an eye out for fish, then Jack charges into the water....

..with such intense concentration...

...and energy for an 11 year old dog.

Gilana anchored just south of Baradal Island.


Petit Tabac as viewed from Baradal

The anchorage from the beach with Union Island just visible in the distance.

I can still climb trees, even though I am (acting) 14 years old!

Laura found it easier if you push the tree over first....

...and then decorate it.

We took Jack for a walk, but ...

he would rather go swimming, so he ran away to the beach and barked for us to let him into the water.

A daily visitor, quite tame these little birds came right into the cockpit to share meals with us. Jack did not mind at all.

Sunset over Patit Bateau, through the Sahara sand that is blown here all the way from Africa.