Puerto La Cruz

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27 July - 28 August

These Iguanas welcomed us to Puerto La Cruz, or PLC to the local yachties.

A view from Amerigo Vespuccio Marina across to the Puerto Del Este marina, Bahia Redonda was behind that. We emailed BR marina but they said they were full, well they were, full of .... so we were glad to be here at Amerigo.

Jack was able to stroll around in safety, as were we. Here Gilana on the right waits for her haulout booking.

Jacks good friend and our neighbour "SEABEARZ" from the boat behind us, "SEAQUEST". Here Seabears brings "Stinky" his toy skunk to leave it at our boat while they were walked to the beach for a frolic.

Puerto La Cruz is a huge lagoon or mangrove swamp, that was dredged out and a "Venice" type of setting was created with thousands of homes along the waters' edge. A very pleasant setting, and far removed from the poverty of the rest of Venezuela. Here is where the Baseball stars, Beauty Queens, and money launderers have their homes.


Big house = big money

Plaza Major shopping centre where we went to shop by dinghy.

Extremely varied architectural styles.

More variation.

Our favourite house, if we HAD to choose a condo on the water here, it would be like this.

...and just outside, the poor people that live in the Barrios, pay cents to cross the Grand Canal by ferry.

MV Seaquest and SV Gilana at Amerigo Vespuccio Marina.