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28 November - 31 December 2006

And we raced across the Stream, sometimes doing well over 10 knots, the first sustained double digits we had ever seen. (apart from the DD's we had seen in Venezuela)

OK, I suppose I owe all the regular visitors an apology and explanation. We had kept quiet about our change of plans, mainly because of Chris. We wanted to surprise her, and had emailed her mum, to tell her we were coming to FL. Once we had arrived, cleared in and settled down, we phoned Rita, Chris's mum, and set up a meeting. Rita arranged to have Chris go shopping with her, and we hid in Sears towel department, and then sneaked up on Chris and bumped into her by "accident" she looked up and screamed in delight, the store security people came running, and this pic was taken moments later. We missed you Chris, so nice to see you again.

Thinking about motorized transport for the boat, we had a look at this 5hp powered mini chopper, but naaah.

Liz, and her animals! Once again off rescuing things. While swimming around the boat in the ICW, she found this Stingray dragging this trace and wire. Liz got her leatherman, gloves, and dived straight back in spending 15 minutes calming the Ray and eventually removing the hooks, and swimming with it to ensure it was well enough to be left alone. (Days later it was still in the area)

A few days later, we found this Iguana swimming near the boat, once again Liz donned her gloves and brought him ashore. He now lives on the dock and we have named him "Balance" (because of the scales) and we think that he is definitely an escaped pet, because he actually seeks attention. We are trying to find his owner. Thats it for now, please come and visit again.