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2 to 12 September 2007

An overnight sail, dodging squalls, and lightning brought us to one of the best anchorages we have seen. Good holding, good protection from most directions, beautiful forest, lovely atmosphere.

The beach surrounds the whole bay, and was perfect for Jack, and us.

But the ever present risk of attack by FARC, meant that there was a huge military presence here, they loved their posting here too.

A modest home, bordered by paradise, Rainforest on one side and coral reefs on the other.

Cloud capped verdant jungle right down to the waters' edge, with drunken palms leaning on the beach, clear warm waters, and we even found a WiFi signal here (which carried these pages to the server)

Laura and Mike at one of the grocery stores....

..owned and run by Marta, a very interesting lady.

Liz photographed this Greater Soapfish, a rare find. Thanks to Andy Pickrell again, for that wonderful gift of an underwater camera, that has renewed our interest in diving.

The three boats in the anchorage decided to walk over to the next town, Capurgana. Mike stayed to hold the fort. Here Laura starts the climb over the hill.

Liz listening for monkeys....

...and she found them. Here a Goeffroys Tamarins peeps back at her.

Group shot of the merry hikers.

The canopy.

Once again, we can't identify it, but are open to suggestions...

Arrival in Capurgana

Another hike we did was to the border post. Here we look back into Sapzurro from the Colombia/Panama border. The anchorage is obscured off to the right.

Mike and Liz at the beacon.

The view from the border post into Panama.

More bugs, but they are pretty.

This baby was quite happy hanging in a sawmill, with all that noise.

Another outing we did was to rent some horses and take a trail up into the rain forest along a river.

Big smile!

Near the end of the trail, we took to walking.This suspension bridge, just one of a few.

Liz saw this little white rabbit and could not resist. It was a pet of the caretaker of the rest area.

Our little family sitting on a vine. Our guide in the background.

Dad, larking about as usual.

Liz cools off in the river, while Paul (Cutty Wren) plans to jump in.

Liz and Mike follow the river, while the rest of the party take the high road.

Laura negotiates one of the slippery slopes.

The family Bumsore returns.

Tomate? Coconut? Gato?

Laura tries out the local bus, no kidding, that is the BUS!

After our last day of reading (Bill Bryson's "A Short History of Nearly Everything" and "The Little Earth Book" by James Bruges ( )) we pack up to return to Gilana.

This is the Noni (Sp?) fruit, said to be a cure for Cancer, it tastes disgusting, and smells worse.

This Leaf-Cutting Ant was trying to get home while Liz kept turning the big leaf around to confuse it.

Our last view of Sapzurro. The docks extend towards us in centre and left, and on the ridge, you can see the border with Panama, the two tents and a beacon, just visible.