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15 to 17 July 2008

After 20 days and 2676 Nautical miles we arrived at the incredibly beautiful island of Flores. The winds were from the east so we decided to stop as we had not visited Flores when we were in the Azores in 2002. We anchored in a bay with 7 waterfalls tumbling into the clear Atlantic waters right behind us.

A bit wobbly on our feet, we set off exploring, Jack was walking on three legs most of the time marking anything that was not horizontal.

Approaching one of the waterfalls..

We took time to relax and of course Jack tried to find some fish, without any luck.

We took the opportunity to Shampoo him too.

This cart was in daily use.

A view of Fajã Grande, the local town.

The slipway cum beach at Fajã Grande