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January to May

New Years, at Tenerife. A nautical tradition is for the bell to be rung by the oldest and youngest crew members, to ring out the old, and ring in the new year. Here Capt Garner and Liz fill the roles.

Just another perfect day in paradise.

What are these bridge officers looking at? (move your mouse into the pic to see the answer)

Birthday duties. Barbados 16th January 2010, Liz turns 21!

Liz managed to knock off and still find time to get ashore to enjoy some of ther 21st

Later that night, back on board, she was given a cake during a small party. I had written a card and emailed it to the Captain who kindly printed it and presented it to her.

Talking to James who was on leave.

The day after her birthday she was off duty and needed some fresh air.

A gift from her Captain for her 21st.

"A" arrives in St Maarten, a good friend Jan Roosens was there to say hi.

Thats her heaving a line ashore. (Thanks for the photos Jan)

James back from leave, they enjoy a sunset in Guadeloupe. It was also the sunset of their time on board. The 28th May they left after resigning to get married and further their careers. Liz in pursuit of her Officer of the Watch 3000t CoC and James for his Chief Engineer CoC. Liz had been on board for 2 years and 10 days, James for over 3 years.

A few days of relaxation before the wedding planning.

You go fly girl!!