Andratx June to September

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June to September

We had some really nice pictures of this summer. Unfortunately we lost all of them due to a hard drive problem. The drive still works but it has self installed an ATA lock feature. Its calling for a password that we never installed. It happened when I took the drive out of Lauras computer to put it in an external housing, to make space for a bigger hard drive in her computer. Suddenly a password is requested. If anyone knows how to fix this let me know please.

The day after the wedding we took Carol, Norman, Darlene and Kim for a "whistle-stop" tour of our favourite island.

The coast of Valldemosa.

La Seu

The courtyards.

Jim buying sour sweets at a weekend market just before the wedding.

Our friend Jesus has a dental clinic in Madrid, one of the dental nurses was getting married, we took the girls out for a hen party. This is only some of them.

And then after everyone had left, and the summer ended, we went to Pollenca to get ready for winter, here, larking about before the conditions changed.

The winds here are good 90% of the time.