St Martin, rest and repair.

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20 Jan to 22 Feb

Changing the outboard prop to one with less pitch to carry the four people that make up Gilanas crew.

Self portrait by Stephen on a dinghy trip somewhere.

I managed to beg my way into a workshop to carry out the boom repair. Here I am welding the new attachment piece to connect the hydraulic kicker to the new beefed-up connection point on the boom.

The crack was welded up, then a 4mm thick cover strip placed on both sides and plug-welded as well as all round the edges. The track in the bottom of the boom was ground out to accept a 25mm thick aluminium bar welded into place. After grinding I sprayed with Zinc Chromate primer.

Discussing the attachment options and taking measurements for the kicker to attach.

The result is a much stronger design than before.

Stephen and Natasha took the dinghy to visit carnaval. Here a friend Gavin and he pose with some delightful examples of gaiety.

No visit to St Martin is complete without a pilgrimage to Maho Beach to touch the planes as they arrive.

I will never cease to be excited by this experience.

Stephen and Natasha, sharing the cruising life with us for a while. did that get in here?!

Stephen and I getting blown by a 767.

As we left the Simpson Bay Bridge, Liz's ex employer was there. We have seen more of "A" since Liz left her than while she was on board.