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1 January to 31 December

It's been so long since we updated the web page. Our apologies. Some of these photos were taken in the last weeks of 2014, but that page was big enough so they appear here in the 2015 year.

Liz came to visit and we had not seen her for 2 years.

That is home to a Kuna family.

This is Sipu and Karen, her grand daughter whom we had befriended. Liz had brought some gifts for them and they came to collect.

We call this type of family outing "Gunkholing" I have to stand high with the tiller extension and polarized sunglasses to see the shallows.

Next, there was a hike up the jungle path to a cascade where you jump in and come back down. Some call it "Canyoning"

Poling up to avoid disturbing the wildlife.

It is pure rainforest, so the soggy hike begins.

No idea of this one's name.

Carrying everyone's walking sticks

Lisa the tour-guide picked these "lip" flowers for L&L

If only you could smell this, its so...healthy, moist, verdant and fresh.

There are freshwater tropical fish in that river. Hence the diving mask.

Erosion felled tree.

...then it was time for water-babies to get back in their element.

Can't identify this shrimp.

Caribbean Spiney Lobster Juvenile.

Spotted Drum (Equetus Punctatus)

Goliath Grouper AKA Dinner AKA (Epinephelus Itajara) AKA Dee-licious.

Mom-mom-mom, look how big his mouth is...

Look Behind You!

Being a Dad, I have missed this.

Looks like I am touching Laura's hair, but its just the outboard's tiller extention. Gunkholing again.

Liz in a borrowed Kayak.

Then, a log came floating by, and the falling began in earnest.

"Poser at the nose!"

Somehow Liz always finds us doing this.

Queen Triggerfish (Balistes Vetula)

Liz! come out of that cave, we are panicking...

Nurse Shark Wedged in for a Siesta.

Liz always finds Octopus to play with.

Meanwhile our pet Gecko was munching on pulped Banana.

We first did this while crossing from Curacao to Haiti in 2000. Liz wanted to re-do it. Spinnaker pole + Halyard + Boatswain's Chair = FUN.

All too soon it was time to say goodbye to Liz...

...and hello to Gesa. Gesa is a film-maker and marketing/branding guru who we met in Port 'd Andratx some years earlier. There are photos of her in the 2012 section. Gesa has a marvellous eye for photos and I will credit her shots below. Her own company is GesaFilm and she is a director/partner at Hotcake Branding and Design. As she arrived we were being served by a "Veggie Boat"

Wonderful friends.

Us, chillin' (Photo Gesa)

Laura larkin' about (Photo Gesa)

Surfer chick and cruiser wife (Photo Gesa)

Some Kiting with the 12m Advance (Photo Gesa)

A Go-Pro screen grab.

This year, very good friends Frank, Gretchen and woofie Loki on a boat called "Infinity" decided we were out-growing our old Advance Kaiman V kite. He gave us an Ozone Edge 9m. At first we did not even think of trying it, but since that first day we did, we have not pumped up the 12m Kaiman again. The Edge has huge power and we can kite in winds down to 12 knots. Here I am learning how to jump.

Laura doing an aerial transition on the Edge 9.

Learner days on the Advance

Screaming along under the Edge

Then I shot another little Dinnerfish...

...which made Laura happy.

Entrance to "The Hot Tub" (Photo Gesa)

Caribbean Spiney Lobster (Photo Gesa)

Our friends Kathy and Maria on Joana anchored behind us. (Photo Gesa)