Liz's Journal - Santa Pola

Page 29

Santa Pola: 25-26 May 2003 Later on that evening of Saturday the 24th we found high winds and battering seas. Things that had been quite comfortable sitting on the table all of a sudden slid of and landed with a clunk on the wooden floor.

The sudden change in the wind forced me to wake my father and let him finish my watch. No sooner had I woken him, a gust of wind knocked Gilana over sideways. This sudden change in heeling woke my mom and she also got up, with both my parents up there was no need for me to be as well, so I climbed into the aft cabin bunk, shared by Jack who, at the first sign of trouble claimed his side of my parents bed.

That is pretty much all I can tell you except the fact that we swallowed a wave into the aft cabin, Jack, disgusted at being awoken with a shower of sea water, shook himself, wetting me, jumped of the bed trotted along the passage way and into his own bed not beneath an air vent.

From what I saw of Santa Pola I didn't like it, a commercial port playing a huge roll in introducing smoke and poisons into the earths atmosphere. The day was spent cleaning Gilana who was covered in salt. The sun was still up when we retired to sleep.