Liz's Journal - Ibiza

Page 32

Ibiza: 29th May 2003 - 9th June 2003.

Built during the last century the old city is located inside the castle walls. The inhabitants of this city seldom ventured outside its fortified walls and remained isolated from the outside world. As a result the old city has stayed unchanged and in a way an architectural point in time. Girls and women wear white cotton dresses coloured by a shawl or headscarf, boys and men wear t-shirts and three quarter length white cotton pants coloured by a necktie.

Ibiza is known widely for its incredible wildlife, mainly of the nocturnal human species. Bars and nightclubs around every bend, open-air wagon loaded stores selling everything from post cards and beach balls to spices and pot. Light sleepers are recommended to take sleeping pills and earplugs to bed to help deafen the din of the streets.

Clear water, and warm breezes allow snorkeling and swimming even when the sun has retired behind the folds of the land.

Beaches are packed during the day with many tourists bathing in suntan oil, as silly as it may seem we often found a thin layer of sunning oil on the surface of the water around the boat.

Many tourists invade Ibiza and Mallorca each year and although a great deal of cultural and architectural treasures have been lost, one can always find what once was if one looks hard enough. The contrast between the tourist towns and the out of the way villages is so great you would swear they were on different islands.

We have found that while the Mediterranean may be warmer than the Caribbean during summer there are very few tropical fish, although once in a while a small silver game fish can be seen.

We left Ibiza for Mallorca, which is where we would stay for winter, but until winter came we had a ball.