Liz's Journal - Sardinia

Page 35

31 May- 2 June 2004

Although we spent three days in Malfatano, not much can be said about it. We were anchored in a little bay with a restaurant on the beach and a hotel further up the mountain. In the middle of the bay was a little island, I went for a hike getting my legs scratched by bushes and my head dive-bombed by birds.


Founded by the Phoenicians and later settled by Romans and Carthaginians, Norra boasts architecture from many different cultures. Abandoned after the third century AD the city is now partly submerged and a great deal of imagination is needed to grasp how big the city actually was. Not much remains intact apart from some Roman columns and some small buildings. The map given at the tourist information office is practically useless and does not give enough information on the site. Mosaic can be seen here and there but in most places it is covered with layers of earth or sacks of sand, apparently there to protect it. Around the boat the water is clear and some remnants of the ancient city can be seen. Rumours that the underwater city is still intact are greatly exaggerated.