Liz's Journal - Gibraltar

Page 46

After spending the night at the Customs Dock dad woke up with a migraine, which meant that mom and I would have to clear in. Explaining that the captain was ill, mom asked if we could stay for a few more hours. The customs official apparently suffered from the occasional migraine, was sympathetic and informed us that we could stay on the dock as long as we needed.

When dad recovered, we fuelled up, adding about 900 litres of diesel, then we motored around and anchored at La Linea, on the Spanish side.

Mom and I went ashore ever in search of a supermarket. Walking along the beachfront we stopped an elderly man and asked for directions to the nearest shopping centre. His directions were perfect and we were soon walking back, rucksacks bulging.

Together with Quest, an American boat, we met in Almerimar we decided to go and visit the residents of The Rock. Our second time climbing the rock, mom and I were in the lead with the crew of Quest following closely.

The Apes, ever curious were sitting on rocks watching our approach. I don't know why, but for some reason the apes always come to me, leaping on my back and taking me completely by surprise. I had no problem with the ape that was sitting on my shoulders playing with my hair but when he decided that I needed a haircut I took his hands in mine and gently swung him off my shoulders.

Louise, from Quest, had her lip balm stolen right out of the pocket of her windbreaker by a hairy little thief.

We walked a little further up the road and admiring the view I decided to raid the food stocks, grabbing an apple from the rucksack. Out of nowhere a huge male ape ran up to me hitting my hand and causing me to drop my apple. With trophy in mouth he casually walked over to the wall, sat down and ate the apple watching us out of the corner of his eye. I would get him back sometime; no one steals MY food!