Around Mallorca

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8 July to 19 August 2009

L-R Sunsi, Luis, Mike, Juan and Eva. Jack of course in the foreground begging for snacks. We met Luis and Juan this year, Luis is part owner of a Beneteau 21.1 Sailing boat. We know the boat pretty well having sailed her here in 2005. Luis wanted to do a trip around Mallorca with his friend Juan, the only problem is that Juan is nearly 2m tall, and there is nowhere to lie down in the Beneteau. We solved the problem by doing the trip together in Gilana. This was second evening out anchored in Es Trenc, (Click for map)

Same scene, different photographer. Laura with a Bocaron hanging out.

Sunset from Es Trenc.

The next day we had a booking for a buoy in the island nature reserve of Cabrera, (click for map) where we went to explore the blue cave. Link to the official Cabrera web site.

This underwater shot is quite confusing, its just all different shades of blue, but that is just how it is in the cave.

The entrance to the cave. The little centre mark on the map above is located just where this picture was taken.

The next day we anchored in Cala Mondrago (Click for map)where I saw and photographed this Flying Gurnerd, they don't really fly, but have these large pectorals that they use to display when threatened, or in mating and territorial disputes.

Rounding Cap de Pera (Click for map)Luis dumped a bucket of sea water on the sleeping Juan, a bucket tossing duel ensued. This is the Easternmost point of Mallorca.

Jack soon got bored and returned his attention to fishfinding.

Pollença is the home of the Balearic firefighting Canadair (Bombardier) 415 waterbombers.

We were anchored near the base and were treated to exercises every 2 days.

"Bomb run" and...


Luis's children, Nicolas and Carlota spent the last weekend of the trip aboard too.

Pollença is a wonderful windsurfing venue, and this kid had to practice.

Back in Port d'Andratx, the weather soon starts its exinoxal mood swings.

Time again to find a winter home. We were tired of the storms in Port d'Andratx, so decided to try a new location. Portocristo was our choice especially as I would be leaving Laura and Jack alone while I visited my mother in Cape Town. I had not seen her since 2001 in West Palm Beach.