Salvador Bahia

13° 00 S 038° 32 E

12 June 1999 - 01 July 1999


Located in the north of Brazil. The temperature is about 20' - 26' C. Approaching Salvador is amazing, you have million dollar apartments with someone sleeping on the pavement 50 yards away. The historical buildings in Salvador are the Pelhourinho, a town situated on a mountain. The "Elevator Lacerda" the great elevator that travels to Pelhourinho. The "Solar Do Unhao" is a museum next to Bahia Marina. The museum has great information on Salvador and Brazil. Anyone who has been to Brazil will agree with me, the Brazilians love to party. I think that's why the Carnival in Rio is the biggest in the world.

Sunset at Aratu and a view of the Aratu Yacht Club which is 15 miles north of Salvador in the Baia Todos os Santos.

Taken leaving Salvador en route to Recife "Verdant Jungle to mangroves at the water's edge" Scenes in and around the Baia Todos os Santos. Unfortunately our camera was giving problems. These are the only photos that were not corrupted with pink jagged lines, pity, as we had some nice pictures of Salvador.