Cabo San Fransisco

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08 August 2000 - 09 August 2000

Cabo San Fransisco's lush green rainforest is breathtaking. The water is not very clear nevertheless you can still see the bottom in ten metres of water. There are a few sparkling streams with clear cool water running down the mountain slopes. The caves along the shoreline are fairly deep and wide. just off the beach, the third or fourth cave is about twenty metres deep and two metres wide. The cave is dark and quiet except for the small surge slapping the rocks. The side walls of the cave are littered with bat droppings. One of the greatest mysteries about this bay is actually how many anonymous animals have been watching you all day and all night, just eyeing you out!

Awesome view up the valley, tropical rain forest complete with Howler Monkeys, it rained in the high areas (over 3000 ft) all day, feeding the three rivers that flowed clean water onto the beach.

A small landslide, Venezuela's recent floods (June/July 2000) caused this.

Just standing there, awe struck.

Liz with her friend, Lee-Anne, from "Island Fling"

Dad and Liz, larking about again.

And again!

Must have been those berries I ate. The family standing
in a river of water of unbelievable purity (I think)

Des, and Lee-Anne, centre stage, while Liz digs for grubs in the background, (only kidding mom)

We motored the dinghy into this cave, full of bats, smelt funny, but blissfully cool after the heat of the jungle.

And there comes Des, Carol, Lee-anne, and Liz but,

..... they chickened-out.