Islas Los Testigos

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10 August 2000 - 14 August 2000

Abandoned fish traps lay scattered along the bottom. The fish that have died are providing food for the new prisoners of death. When we saw what was happening, we immediately broke the fish traps and let the fish go. We swam along the coast breaking all the fish traps we could. Even in the warm waters of the Caribbean you can only stay in the water for 30 min to a hour at the most. Then, taking a dingy trip to the dunes later on, Lee-Ann, Jack and I raced up the dunes. We explored around the top, my mom said she wanted a photo of us bounding down the dunes and boy she got it. It was also the place where I got my first Kings Helmet.

Jack almost cartwheels down the dunes.

Liz and Lee-Anne grab some dune.

The boats at anchor at Testigo Grande (no, it means witness)

The kids about to frolic.

The kids frolicking

Dad is one of the kids.


Sunset (yawn) from Testigo Grande.