Cayo Avalos (Cuba)

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07 December 2000 - 10 December 2000

Is an island mainly made up of mangroves. There are two small beaches however. I don't recommend these beaches because if you don't end up in quicksand, the chances are you will be carried away by mosquitoes.
In the 1500's a Spanish Silver Fleet were wrecked 5 miles off Cayo Avalos. After hundreds of years, the Silver Fleet was broken apart and completely covered with sand and coral. We dived on a recently wrecked cargo ship laiden with cement. The fishing in and around this wreck is stupendous. There is a huge bronze propeller in reasonable condition, but due to Cuban rules, you can not salvage any items off wrecked Cuban boats. I also shot my first fish here, 2 Hogfish.


Liz took the dinghy, the speargun, and her snorkeling stuff, 
went off on her own and shot these two hogfish for supper.
She made me a very proud daddy that day.