Yaguanabo (Cuba)

21° 51 N 080° 12 W

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13 January 2001 - 14 January 2001

We were gliding along with the wind on the beam and fairly calm seas. In the space of half an hour the wind dropped by 20 knots and found the sails hanging lifeless and seas gradually heaving causing Gilana to gently dip her nose into the water. We started the motor and slowly putted towards a little bay called Yaguanabo. The sea bed at Yaguanabo is as smooth as a billiard table and our anchor was like a recently polished ball sliding across it. Fortunately, every 20 or so meters there is a gorge in the billiard table rock bottom. This gorge is 6 to 8 foot deep with sand, the anchor disappears like a stone in quick sand. After a slightly rolly night, we hoisted up the deeply buried anchor and slowly left with the motor off and the sails hanging limp. We bobbed along, the current taking every which way. Half and hour passed when we saw a fin slicing through the water, like a guillotine through paper. As it came closer we realised that it wasn't a fin at all, but a Sailfish. As it saw us it dived under the water. We were disappointed when it left not knowing that the sailfish was the beginning of an even greater treat. Later.....
Dolphins, dolphins I cried, but as the current took us closer I saw that it was actually a pod of Pilot Whales. A cow and calf swam next to the boat for a while and then disappeared into the depths of the ocean. Later on the sun slowly slipping off the horizon, two Killer Whales, or Orca, started spy hopping against the setting sun.

Arriving at Yaguanabo, very beautiful.

The Yaguanabo Lighthouse from our anchorage.

No wind at all, here Jack and I prepare to drop the mainsail into our new stack and pack cover (with a zip on top, homemade)

We saw a group of Pilot Whales, unfortunately no zoomed view.