Cayo Blanco de Casilda (Cuba)

21° 38 N 079° 53 W

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14 January 2001 - 18 January 2001

We dropped anchor in a little bay of Cayo Blanco, or the "White Cayo". The water was shimmering in the setting sun. Early the next morning, at about nine thirty, we went for a snorkel on the coral heads surrounding the boat. In the afternoon, a fisherman gave us 3 baby lobster. Once the man was out of sight, I slipped into the water, the 3 lobsters in my hands and swam to the nearest coral head where each of the lobsters crawled into their own cave. On the 16 January 2001, my birthday, I was swimming around the boat, where I saw and collected eight Sea Biscuits and three Sand Dollars. On the 18 January we left Cayo Blanco bound for Cayo Breton.

This is the only shot we took at Cayo Blanco, it was taken early in the morning as we left for Cayo Breton. It is here for continuity only, as it has no other merit.