Cayo Breton (Cuba)

21° 05 N 079° 25 W

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18 January 2001 - 22 January 2001

A line, a bump, a line, a bump, these were my first impressions of Cayo Breton. As we got closer the fishing stations materialised from the bumps. A fishing station:- boards on stilts driven into the mud support a hut, shed, house, call it what you will. It's a triangle roughly put together as the TV aerial, as the sun sets, little fishing boats tied up to this (floating) mass to watch TV and then disappear into the night.

This is a close up of the Fishing Station.

At Cayo Breton we found this anchorage in which we felt so secure. I would happily sit out a 100Kt wind out of the North here. The holding was good with miles of flat sandy bottom. It was so calm here though, that when we took the dinghy for a trip, we could see Gilana mirrored against her own waterline, if only I had taken the camera.

This sunset was on the same day, the structure to the right is 
a fishing station as mentioned in the journals page.