Man o' War Bay (Bahamas)

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19 February 2001 - 22 February 2001

After arriving at Matthewtown and clearing in to the Bahamas, we moved to Man'o War Bay. Here I stand on the foredeck while Laura steers Gilana in between the reefs to the anchorage.

This pic taken from the anchorage shows the mountains of salt over yonder. I was driven between them to go and attend to Capt. Fowkes's VHF radio. We stopped and I collected some of the salt for Liz to see. The piles belong to the Morton Salt Company.

This is Liz at School, note the glare from the beautiful clear turquoise water illuminating the interior of the boat.

On our way from Man'o War Bay to Landrail Point on Crooked Island, we landed this beautiful Tuna. It was so fresh that I was able to fillet it with my fingers alone, like the Kuna Indian of the San Blas. The steaks were delicious and lasted a long time.