North Bimini (Bahamas)

25° 44 N 079° 18 W

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28 March 2001 - 30 March 2001

Dad staggered at the nose of the boat and dumped the anchor into the frothing water of North Bimini. I can't say much about this island because I spent most of the day that we were there inside because of high winds and stormy seas.

We left Bimini at 03h00 Friday 30 March 2001. It took 12 hours to cross the 70 miles and the Gulf Stream, marking the boundry between the Bahamas and America. Our trip across the Gulf Stream was fairly calm with the occasional "growler" landing on the boat.

"Land Ahoy" was shouted at 11h00 Friday, the bumpy shape on the horizon with pollution hanging over it was my first glimpse of AMERICA.


Laura fights a BIG Barracuda.

Nice speed in the Gulf Stream.

Our first view of Florida.