Winter 2004 to 2005

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10 September to 31 January

After we had found our dock for winter, our friends on Danza popped in to Puerto Andratx to visit us. It was great to see them again, and because the visit was short, Liz and the kids crammed as much as they could into the available time. Here Jack, David, Charlotte and Jasper pose with the port behind them.

We are always finding seabirds that we try to rescue. This Cormorant had lost his oil and the feathers were wet. Unfortunately he did not make it.

This is Louie. He belongs to Olaf, who owns the boat next door but one. You might have seen Louie on television, as he is well trained and has appeared on numerous adverts. Liz as always, has a wonderful way with animals, and them with her. I should not be surprised if they play a large part in her future.

Friends of ours (Mikel and Nuria) own the oldest registered boat in Spain. We were invited to lunch on this day. Here Mikel cooks on the deck of Rafael Verdera Registered in Ibiza in 1841. Go and see their web page via the hyperlink.

Mike and Liz explore some of the rigging.

Soon it was time for Laura and Liz to fly over to Wales to visit Granny. Laura and Edna in Caernarfon.

Liz is very fond of her cousins. Here she is with Joe and Henry Botham.

After their two week visit, they flew back to Mallorca and passed almost over Gilana in the port. Note the muddy waters, it had been raining hard for a few days.

One of the last opportunities to windsurf before the water became too cold for comfort.

As part of the festivities here around Navidad, we dressed Gilana to add to the atmosphere. She looked quite good at night in the centre of the port. We hope that the sight was enjoyed by residents and visitors alike.

On the 25th December Kayleigh and us had lunch on board Souris Rose in Club de Mar Palma, with our good friends....

L-R Mike, Andrew, Jill, Wendy, Brett, Laura, David and Liz pose for the occasion.

New year's eve, and MORE eating, (Phew!)Kayleigh, Brett and Andrew join us for the last meal of 2004. We like to stay aboard on New Year's eve as there are always many motor accidents, and usually fireworks, some of which could land on the boat and start a fire.

Then it was time to take down the decorations, here Kayleigh (Liz's best friend, in case you had not noticed) gives us a hand.

Looking out of the port from the top of the mast. (Laura's first trip up the mast)

...and then it was 16th January, and Liz's 16th birthday, there was no party planned, but she is well liked by all the kids in the port, (of all ages) so they just popped in to wish her.

Dad and Liz monkeying around. (Liz can now do more pull-ups than me. (Time to get exercising)!

Antonio, Max, Liz and Kayleigh.

The highlight of our winter was probably when Andy, our friend from Florida flew over to visit us. He took this pic of Laura and I on our way back from the airport.

...There he is...

...and then the weather went cold, here snow falls on the boat. It only built up to about an inch, and did not last long but it was cold. A few metres above sea level everything changed.

As you can see on this, the first...

...and second day of snow.

We did a lot of sightseeing while Andy was here. Here Jack Andy and Liz pose in front of an Almond orchard in full blossom.

A little higher and Liz made a Snowburger.

Then Jack and Mike joined her in a snowball fight.


One of the reservoirs on the Lluc to Soller road.

Road from Lluc to Soller.