Winter 2004 to 2005

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10 September to 31 January

Mallorca is always beautiful, Spring is soon here.

Terraced agriculture on the NorthWest coast near Valldemossa.

Here Andy acts tough in the cold, while I just shiver.

Then Laura came to hug me warm. (Awwwwww)

Liz and I took Andy for a look at SanTelm, Still one of our favourite places on the island. Isla Dragonera in the distance behind us.

A nice picture of Puerto Andratx. Club de Vela is where the boats on the near side are moored. Gilana is on the public quay on the far side of the bay, just visible in the middle of the photo.

Laura, Liz and Andy at the top of Torrent de Pareis.

Our little family, in the same place.

Here Laura organises everybody's life, as we prepare to take Andy around the Patios of Palma. A walking tour through the old town.

This is what we came to see.

Stair detail.

The gang outside La Seo (the Main Cathedral)

The old Royal Palace adjoining the cathedral.

Originally palace gardens, now part of the public street.

Quite a balancing act above the main cathedral doors.

So Gothic, a Flying Buttress.

From the Castillo de Belver, we took this shot of the Cathedral.

As if we don't have enough of boats, Laura and I took Andy sailing in this wonderful little Beneteu 21 footer. Busmans holiday?

"2 minutes before the mast" Andy with Dragonera in the background.

I love having the use of this boat to teach Liz a bit more about boathandling. 28 times lighter than Gilana "Orca Bartolo" is much more sensitive to the helm and a good teaching platform.

Brett and Aurelio (the owner) and I intend to enter some regattas in this little boat. We have to iron out some wrinkles first.

Awwww, can't you just see it in our eyes? 20 years of wedded bliss. 9th February was our anniversary. Regrets? only that I had not met her ten years earlier in my life.

We went to this wonderful rustic restaurant "Alharo" with our good friend Leo (EA6QV) photographed here by Jesus (EA4AHN). Miguel-Angel (EA6OC) and a whole bunch of family. It was one of those afternoons in the company of friends that was unforgettable. (Thanks guys)

OK all you sunset lovers, its sunset time.

Nothing to add to natures beauty.