Spring and Summer 2005

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1 February to 31 July 2005

Mark an aquaintance of Liz, bought himself a new toy, here Liz tries it out.

He did drive at first though.

Liz painted the masts of Brett and Andrew's boat Memphis

As part of the annual Porto Andratx fiesta, there was a long distance swimming race.....

.....which Liz entered and we are happy to say she finished.

This is the Andratx Ghost-surfer.

Here Liz tries out the new sailboard rig.

She is an outdoor girl, that is beyond doubt.

One of the most interesting and life-changing things that Liz did this summer was to enrol in an intensive diving course, consistig of eight modules. She is loving it and it has been very good for her. Here she poses with Lothar and Olga the owners of the diveschool "El Buceo" Click the link for more information about this very friendly school with a wonderful atmosphere.

Sorry, just a sequence of my little girl suiting up. I am so very proud of her.

One of her "jobs" is to bring the diveboats to the school in the morning, here she does her "Gulliver" act.

Steven and her talking about splicing as Lothar looks on

Liz tries out her new Semi-Dry suit.

End of season BBQ @ El Buceo, CW L-R Antonio, Ben, Guido, Mattias, Liz, Frank, Olga.

Liz helps two French DSD's get to grips with some theory.

"Don't you dare..."

Liz in her element.... down there!!!

The Skatepark crowd, in colder months.(L-R Max, Miguel, Simon, Bruno, Pablo and Rueben.)

As always we fix broken birds whenever we can find them. This one has a broken left wing, which we splinted. Liz is so good with animals, they do not seem to fear her, Jack is also very good and shows genuine concern, and of course interest in animals that he normally would have no chance of approaching this close. We used masking tape and lollypop sticks to splint this guy.

The birds are so calm once hooded, or perhaps its the fact that the sock had just been used for rollerblading.