Gran Canaria

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13-17 December 2005

We always thought that the Canary Islands were named after the little singing bird, right? Well if you did too you would be dead wrong. The Canary Islands were named after a dog that was discovered here, it was a large species unknown anywhere in the world and was the top predator. The little bird was named after the islands. To celebrate the "Gran Can" (Canine) these decorated statues appear all over the capital of Gran Canaria, Las Palmas. Here is a collage of doggies.

We have left more diversified pictures of Gran Canaria and Las Palmas to the next section, because we soon sailed to Tenerife to try to find Mattias, Liz's diving instructor so that Liz could spend some time teaching DSD's. Click next to pop over to Tenerife.....