Azores to Gibraltar

1116 Nautical Miles

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09 to 18 August 2008

There was not much to photograph on this trip. We made good time, and we were in a hurry to try to meet up with Liz on her ship because they were still anchored in and around the Balearic Islands. This picture shows the AIS targets. We had installed this aid to navigation in 2007 in Florida. We are thrilled with it. It has not removed any of the onus from us in terms of safe navigation, but it is an immense help in situational awareness. Although it looks like we were in the lanes its only because of the large scale of this chart. We are shown as the green vessel, and all others are red, indicating their course, speed, name, bearing, and much more information. Money well spent!

Not a great photo, but we snapped this as we zoomed by the light outside Tarifa. We arrived in Gibraltar at 16h30 on the 18th, and went straight to the fuel dock, filled the tanks, and bought 8000 teabags at Morrisons, we left again at 18h00 into thick fog from Europa Point. The next 18 hours we were entertained by the traffic on the VHF that was too colourful to repeat here, targets on the AIS and our radar, while we slowly picked our way out of the traffic and towards the Balearics to see Liz.