Bonaire, one of our favourite islands

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14 March to ....

It was so good to pull up to a mooring here in Bonaire. We felt so "Bon Bini" here. Not much has changed apart from the normal wear and tear. The crime is low, the people friendly, the supplies are good, there is Wifi. The wind is constant and strong. The cruise ships come in a carnival stream and there is a festive vibe all the time. This really is one of our favourite places. Pity we are only allowed here for 90 days, I could spend a year here. The moorings are more expensive now, $10.00 per day. We took an hour and a half to check in, because the customs officer was so friendly and interesting.

A shot of Gilana on her mooring right in front of Karel's bar. We met Karel Visser, grandson of the original Karel after whom the bar is named. There are plans to extend and develop the bar. We hope all interested parties can find common ground.

So, one Saturday night, we phoned two of our best friends, who live in Florida, Kim and Darlene, yep, the Goofettes. We had not seen them since Liz and James wedding in Mallorca. We chatted for a while and said to them c'mon down, they arrived on the Monday, HA! it was fantastic to see them. We had SUCH fun with them as we always do. We never get in each other's way, not even mentally. True soulmates.

Had dinner at City Bar and Grill, we ordered these Giant Burgers. ($17.00) and share them between two.

True friendship...

...true cruiseship.

Fake sailing ship, packed with people off the cruise liner. (this boat later was involved in pulling a catamaran (5th Child) off the reefs on Klein Bonaire. (I am not totally sure of the circumstances, but the cat has electric propulsion, and just could not make headway against the wind and was blown onto the reef)

When the wind blows (90% of the time) I love to do this. I MUST keep fit and practice those gybes.

Kim and Darlene "snurgling" haha.

Funny Finned Friendly Snurglefish

Laura and Darlene went for a SCUBA, so if this is D then L took the photo.

...and this one

Laura goes snorkeling every morning and swims about a mile and a half.

Yours truly snorkeling on a mooring block to catch a Lionfish, an invasive species which is ruining the ecology here after someone in Florida released a pair into the wild from their aquarium.

Lionfish. (Pterois volitans) Please go to to read more about the invasion

Two captives prior to destruction. Of course we have permission from the head of STINAPA to do this.

We made the best of the perfect diving conditions to clean our propeller, in the background you can see the boat on the next mooring.

A similar propeller on a less fortunate boat, this one is not a Hundested though.

Another view of the wreck, taken while snorkeling.

French Angel (Pomacanthus paru)

Grey Angel Juvenile (Pomacanthus arcuatus)

French Angel (Pomacanthus paru)

Queen Angel (Holacanthus ciliaris)

Banded Butterfly (Chaetodon striatus)

Banded Butterfly (Chaetodon striatus)

Smooth Trunkfish (Lactophrys triqueter)

Green turtle (Chelonia mydas)

Blue Striped Grunt (Haemulon sciurus)

Smallmouth Grunt (Haemulon chrysargyreum)

Whitespotted Filefish (Cantherhines macrocerus)

Planehead Filefish (Stephanolepis hispidus)

Black Durgon (Melichthys niger)

Stoplight Parrotfish (Sparisoma viride) and Spotted Moray (Gymnothorax moringa)

Spotted Moray (Gymnothorax moringa)

Chain Moray (Echidna catenata)

Sharptail Eel (Myrichthys breviceps) Most of these photos were taken while snorkeling. Bonaire is a divers paradise, kitesurfers, windsurfers and sailors are not denied perfect conditions here either. It is stunning!

gn="center">Three more photos of fishies at Lauras' insistance. This is a juvenile Smooth Trunkfish. (Lactophrys triqueter). They are just a little ball about the size of a large Pea. This photo and the one below show it in the centre.

This is an enlargement. They are very hard to photograph. This pic comes from the internet, credits to the unknown photographer.