Liz's Journal - Bahia Gines

Page 28

Bahia Gines: 20 May - 24 May 2003 Although we spent a few days, five to be exact, at Bahia Gines nothing much happened as I got stuck into school, something I had not done in a long time.

Yellow coated hills covered the shoreline where we were anchored and engulfed the little fishing village deprived of modern technology but happy all the same. I don't really think deprived would be the correct word, as they know life without technological malfunctions. Maybe they've got it right.

As dawn dawns a fleet of small brightly coloured fishing boats leave the harbour, the gurgling of their engines clearly heard against the silence that they leave behind.

From experience I don't quite know why dawn is heralded by the cockerels call, in fact I think they only call when they have been rudely awoken. Instead of the cockerels call, here the bleating of goats announces the awakening of this town.

We left this pleasant little town the following Saturday for a direct trip to Ibiza, (or so we thought!)